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What is Job Board Software?
Job Board Software is web based application that allows you to run and manage fully functional job board. It is perfect solution if you want to setup General Job Board, Niche Job Board, Regional Job Board, Company Job Board or if you just want to add job board functionality to existing web portal.

What are the minimum system requirements?
* Apache Web server.
* PHP 4.x or 5.x
* mod_rewrite.
* MySQL 4.1.x or higher.
* GD library.

Are there any ongoing fees?
No, just one time payment. All upgrades and support you get for free.

How customizable is the full version of your software?
Every part of the job board can be customized for your website. The full version comes with a powerful Administration Panel, and full source code. We have tried to have everything configurable via the Administration Panel. There is also a Themes system which allows you to 'skin' the job board with your custom look and feel by modifying a few of the template files.

I need a feature that you do not have. Will you be able to develop this feature for us?
Yes, just contact us and we will do anything for you.

How does the Job Board generate revenue?
There are 5 ways you that can make money:
* Fee for Standard Job Posts
* Fee for Featured Job posts
* Subscription fee for Employers (to view the resume database, to became featured employer)
* Membership for Employers
* Third-party advertising (Using third party software or a manual approach)

How does the Job Board process payments?
Credit card payments are processed instantly and automatically using 2checkout.Additionally, traditional Bank Deposit and Check / Money Order methods are supported.

Will I be able to easily modify the prices?
Yes, prices for posting credits and subscriptions can be modified from the Administration Panel.

Can I show third party advertising?
Yes. You can paste in code from third party anywhere into the job board.

Does your Job Board let users search jobs without registering?
Yes. Users can search or browse as soon as they arrive on the front page.

Can job board be transleted to some other language?
Yes. The job board can be translated into any language. Language strings are kept in one single file for each language which makes it easy to translate.

How do I order job board software?
You can order online from this website. It will take you to a Plimus payment. After the payment is completed, you will then be able to download the software.

I am interested in running your software on multiple websites. Is it possible to get a discount?
Yes. Contact us and tell us how many websites you need, and we can offer you a discount.

Is it possible to get a discount for non-commercial, non-profit job boards ?
Yes. We offer 40% off for non-profit organizations.

Can the job board support uploading of Word / PDF / Picture files that others can then download?
Yes. Full support for attachments of any file types is included.

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